Yoga class

Yoga class in Hérémence

Wednesdays from 10.15 a.m. to 11.30 the room “salle bourgeoisiale” in Hérémence (except during school holidays)

This yoga class is open to all who stay a few days in our magnificent valley, or for those who want to attend a yoga class just one time or irregularly.

This traditional yoga class is designed for anyone who wants to offer oneself a parenthesis in his life to connect to oneself. The class proposes a variety of yoga poses, practiced to the rythm of your own breathing, and moments of rest between the poses. It is aimed at adults of all ages (over 16 years), and of all beliefs. It adapts to the health of the participants (it is not necessary to be a great athlete or to be very flexible to attend the class :-)). The class take place in the “salle bourgeoisiale” of the town of Hérémence, a perfect place to combine the tradition of India with the traditional heritage of our valley.

Price: 20 CHF per person

Language: the class is given in French

Combined offer: take advantage of your stay in “La Clé des Champs” to relax and discover yoga: if you book 2 nights (or more) in “La Clé des Champs”, you can attend one yoga class for free.

Necessary material:

  • comfortable clothes to move aroud
  • you can bring your own yoga mat, or use the ones available on the site

An individual and personalized yoga class can also be organized, so as yoga classes for children, according to our common availabilities.

Who am I?

After practicing yoga for a dozen years, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and experience attending the training of yoga teacher in the school Bansuri in Sion with Lucie Pfefferlé. This 4-years training, which I completed in August 2019, allowed me not only to better understand yoga and its roots, but also to awaken the desire to share yoga with interested people, by establishing classes in Hérémence.

Thanks to Lucie Pfefferlé, Sri Âchârya T.K. Sribhashyam and his father Sri Âchârya Tirumalai Krishnamacharya for the teachings that they have transmitted through time and generations, to spread yoga aroud the world.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more informations or if you would like to register for a class:

Audrey Monbaron, Tel. 0041 77 400 12 23 / email :